Benefits of PDR

Paintless dent removal is relatively new to the general public though it has been used in the trade for many years. Compared to different methods of repair it has many great advantages.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is carried out on a mobile basis meaning repairs can be made at your doorstep. There is no loss of your vehicle and repairs are not only carried out in a fraction of the time but often at a fraction of the cost of the body shop.

There is no need to worry about poor colour match, repair sinkage, overspray or any other problems associated with traditional methods of repair.

No fillers or paintwork are involved, meaning a much cleaner, speedier repair, which is also very kind to the environment. Most of us have been unfortunate enough to have our vehicles dented at some stage or the other, supermarket car parks being a favourite venue! These minor dents and dints can be rather unsightly but have the potential to be removed very quickly and easily by a trained dent technician.

The modern trend is to drive leased/company vehicles that when they come the end of the term have to be returned to the leasing company. Heavy penalties, sometimes up to £300 per panel can be insured for even the most minor dents. Why be at the mercy of the leasing inspectors? Give Dent Wise Removal a call and let us remove these dents both quickly and efficiently.

As we come to your home or work place, not only do we save you time but your hard earned cash too.

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Affordable paintless dent removal