Independent mobile paintless dent removal in Bath

Today Dent Wise Removal was called out by a customer in Bath looking for a independent paintless dent removal company, where my customer was wanting pride in workmanship and customer service. Dent Wise Removal has been working in the Bath area now for four years working on family saloons, commercial vehicles and also modern to classic sport cars.

Dent Wise Removal prides itself in customer care in taking on last minute repairs duo to hire car return or lease car return whenever possible. also happy to recommend bodyshops and wheel refurb in the area. As a sole trading independent company Dent Wise Removal believes in working hard towards recommendations from customers.

Most paintless dent removal is carried out within two hours with complex dents taking longer. All work is carried out at a place of your convenience weather that be at your home or work place or anywhere else safe to work. Dent Wise Removal is commuted in quality repairs and customer care. If your not sure if your dent can be removed by paintless dent removal please fill free to contact me on 07473444504 for a free no obligation quote.

Dent Wise Removal is a mobile paintless dent removal service covering Bath, Bathampton, Box, Combe Down, Limply Stoke, Corston, Bradford On Avon, Saltford, Batheaston and all sounding areas.




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