What is PDR

Paintless dent removal is basically the art of removing dents from car body panels using specialised tools, without the use of any fillers or paint. Access is usually gained from behind the panel where with great skill; the metal is massaged back to its original form.

PDR originated with the dawn of motor vehicle manufacturing, where the body workers would use shaped steel bars and spoons to iron out imperfections in the new panels. Today’s tools are so much more advanced however the final outcome stays the same.

There are mainly two methods to PDR, rods and bars or the glue pull. A Dent master will carry many different shaped bars each as individual as the next. These bars are used to gain access to the rear of the panel where with the aid of a reflector board, the dented metal is manipulated back to its original form.

The second is mainly used where access is restricted or even non-existent is the Glue Pull. Hot melted glue is applied to a shaped tab then placed into the dent, when the glue has hardened and taken hold of the pain it is then pulled with force. This then lifts out the dent and returns the panel back to its original shape. Both methods are very different however require the same amount of skill to achieve the same result.

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